Logo for Manitoba HIV Research Group, University of Manitoba. The challenge was to incorporate the province,
globe and an HIV virion, all simplified to form the mark.

Logo for the 2018 Winnipeg Fried Chicken Fest, a week where various restaurants compete for the best fried chicken dish. 

Wordmark for International Water Decade Alliance.
A proposal from Simon Fraser University to create a Canada-wide alliance
of water research institutions and related organizations. (for Actual Media)

Logo for Obsydea, dedicated to developing and commercializing unique catalyst systems
for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. (for Actual Media) 

Wordmark for Candid Media, a digital marketing agency.

Love Letters From Anonymous, support groups of community volunteers making cards with messages
of kindness and supportfor people who might need a little extra love.

Winnipegmom.ca is a one stop online resource for all things kid and family-related in Winnipeg. 

Butterdreams Bakery. Quality home-made, tasty desserts and custom cakes to celebrate any occasion!

The Meltdown Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Logo for a Winnipeg Food Truck (for Bounce Design Inc.)

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